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Large selection of natural products from Arcadia Organics

Arcadia Organics

At Arcadia Organics, our dedication shines through every product we craft. Each item is infused with love. With a focus on products that nourish and heal. Our passion for crafting is as strong as our commitment to offering beautifully curated products at accessible prices.​ While our online store is in the works, you can explore and purchase our range in person:


Cuale River Market:  Saturdays, 10am-3pm

Sayulita Farmers Market: Fridays, 9am-3pm

And if you're attending any event at La Laguna Ranch, we'll have our entire product range on display for purchase. For those who prefer personal orders, you can reach out to us via email. We also offer delivery within the local area for a nominal fee.



Discover Our Handcrafted Range

Chemical-free Arcadia Organic products

Natural Toiletries / Cosmetics

  • Handmade Bar Soap

  • Handmade Liquid Soap (Available in various natural scents)

  • Essential Oil Body Spray

  • Rose Oil Face Tonic

  • All-Natural Bug Spray

  • Sun-protecting Natural Sunscreen

  • Hydrating Natural Lip Balm

  • Natural Conditioning Shampoo

Health-Boosting Products

  • Antibacterial Colloidal Silver

  • Regenerative Colloidal Copper

  • Soothing Magnesium Muscle Spray

  • DMSO Cream for Skin Health

  • Organic Green Coffee Enema Kits

  • Detoxifying Zeolite Spray

  • Energizing Life Patches

  • Crystal Frequency Treated Homeopathic Drops

Arcadia Organic products
Showcasing the Arcadia Organic products at a farmer's market

Handmade Crafts

  • Vibrant Tie-Dye Tapestries

  • Aromatic Essential Oil Scented Candles

  • Mesmerizing Pour Paint Canvases

  • Eco-friendly Beeswax Reusable Food Covering

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